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Come see us at the Western Front this weekend!

Western Front

Join us this weekend at the Western Front! 12-4pm

Registration Open!



Our acclaimed spring programming is back! Spend your March Break with Collage Collage and join us for a week of CRAFTERNOONS. Experience arts and making in an intimate and inspiring setting. Week long programs are focused on arts development for specific age groups:

Spots are limited so register today! Email us with any questions at

We Are Family


On Monday, February 11 British Columbians will be celebrating their first Family Day! Families are the heart of Collage Collage, so we couldn’t be more excited to commemorate the day.

Come in the shop with your loved ones on Family Day and paint a nesting doll family! Create a 3D Family Portrait with our custom Nesting Doll Kits. Open Studio from 12-5pm in store. Make sure to register here and to choose your studio time. $38/Kit Suitable for up to 2 adults and 2 kids per kit.


Erin & Dave’s Real Wedding Featured on Poppytalk!

Poppytalk Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 8.39.13 AM


We are pleased as punch to have Erin & Dave’s wedding featured on one of our favourite blogs Poppytalk. From the beautiful Vancouver church/studio filled with balloons to Dave’s 67 Chevelle SS, it is so special to revisit this magical day. To read about the day and all the details from the flowers to the the feather boutineers, beer cozies and custom silkscreened handkerchiefs jump over here. Stay tuned for some special wedding season programming at Collage Collage too!

Get to know our LIZ TOOHEY-WIESE

My favorite book at Collage Collage is “Seasons” by Blexbolex! Blexbolex is a contemporary french illustrator, his work looks like it came out of the 70′s but the pictures are totally timeless.  This picture book has no story to it, but instead has vocabulary words about all the different seasons. The colours and shapes in this book perfectly capture everything from the heat of a sunburn to a cozy winter day indoors.  I suggest this book often for people looking for a baby shower gift, a birthday present for someone who loves to spend time outdoors, or those who need a pretty book as a little treat to themselves.

My favorite thing to make right now are little woven tapestries! I have been experimenting with making looms out of carboard boxes and wooden frames. It is a lot of fun experimenting with patterns and trying to figure out what different materials I can use to weave with.  I would say beyond my newfound obsession usually my favorite thing to make is landscape paintings and drawings.  There is endless inspiration in and around Vancouver and I will never ever get tired of capturing the mountains in my artwork.

My favorite part of working at Collage Collage is getting to be around the enthusiasm kids have for the projects they make! As an adult artist it is hard to remember the ability I once had to be fully present with the materials in front of me and enjoy the process of making.  It is hard not to get caught up in trying to make “pretty things” no matter what age you are!  But seeing a two year old fill a page with different marks they can make with pastels, and being completely content in that process is inspiring beyond words for my own artistic practice.  Getting creative, expressing yourself, and having fun is the most important part of making a piece of art, and working at Collage Collage is a daily reminder of that!

Liz teaches many of our Winter Classes you can learn about here.