Our post today is by Kellie Diguanco of @secretsocietyofbooks She read Wolfie & Fly with her kids and shares about it here today! Meet illustrator Zoe Si in the shop this weekend; read on for details. Thanks Kellie!

Science loving Renata Wolfman wears the same thing everyday. She doesn’t have friends, and doesn’t need friends. Until her neighbour Livingston Flott shows up and forces his way into her life. Livingston nicknames Renata Wolfie for her lone wolf ways, and he prefers the nickname Fly.

Together the unlikely pair go on great adventures together using their imaginations. Or do they? At the end of the adventure there is always an element left behind leaving you wondering was it real after all (great for read-alouds with your curious kids).

A perfect early chapter book for budding young readers. Energetic and adventurous this set of books will have your young reader wanting more. Zoe’s Si’s ink-and-watercolour illustrations are sweet and so much fun. They give the characters life and draw you right into the adventure.

You might recognize Zoe’s work as she has an ever increasing fan base over on Instagram where she shares comics about everyday life with wit and charm.

Come out this weekend and meet Zoe in person.  Register here. 

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