“It’s Great Being A Dad” by Dan Bar-El is a playful and imaginative story about fatherhood. Dad’s don’t just fix things, sometimes they have to remove tables from unicorn horns, and give awards to helpful monsters. This story wonderfully captures the playfulness of fatherhood.


Follow a group of children as they pretend play and end up needing a little help. Full of magical creatures from unicorns to bigfoot, this tale invites children to use their imagination .  Full of diverse characters, (some of whom want to be a fairy ballerina Doctor) Gina Perry’s illustrations are bold, vibrant and playful. This book sheds all kinds of good light and would be well loved as a father’s day book. You can pre-order you copy here, and meet Dan in person at the shop this Saturday June 17th from 12-2pm.

Happy Father’s Day.


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