In the spirit of the Olympic Games starting in London so soon, we thought we’d share this awesome craft with you again for all the champion kids in your life!

Best Big Sister? Best Room Tidy-Uper? Best Kid EVER? I’m sure you know some contenders.

The following is a Do-It-Together Craft that involves a little bit of sewing (or you can consider a paper version instead of with felt!). After wards, you’ll have an adaptable award to give over and over again to the kids that mean the most to you.

You’ll need;
2 pieces of 8 x 11 craft or wool felt
some ribbon (long enough to wear!)
heavy card or construction paper
something to draw + colour with
a sewing machine or needle and thread

First, use a template (like a roll of masking tape)
to trace out a felt circle. You’ll need two whole circles and one half circle

Next, cut out the letters to the winner’s name and sew or glue it to the half circle.

Now you’re going to stack one whole circle, the ends of the ribbon, and the second whole circle.

Line up all the edges, and then add the half circle on top with the winners name.

Sew all along the edges, twice even if you’d like! Make sure the winner’s name has the ribbons above it so that the medal sits up in the right direction.

Once you’ve sewn it all together, you might want to add a maple leaf, a star or something like it to the back of your medal.

Now, use your template to make a slightly smaller circle and cut it out of heavy card or construction paper.

Slip it into the pocket you’ve made on the front, and add whatever winning titles you’d like!
Turn the paper circle and add as many winning titles as you like. You can even make extra circles so that you can win all sorts of awards.

Last but not least, get up on your podium and receive your medals. You’ve earned it!

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