We’ve finished our first week of


  1. lyndsay says:

    holy cuteness. love it.

  2. found you via artful parent. I love the idea of your shop. These balloons are beautiful!

  3. […] bowls which I kind of stumbled upon by accident. Â They started off as hot air balloons from Collage Collage. Â After I slaved over the first balloon, which took waaay longer than I thought, I accidentally […]

  4. erin says:

    Hey Meri Cherry! Sorry to hear that your hot air balloon experience wasn’t a hit – I should clarify that the project you saw on line was a part of our week long Crafternoon program, so we worked on it for half an hour for 5 days! Not a one stop project at all! Happy you found a way to modify it, and please don’t hesitate to email questions about projects that you see!

  5. mollymoo.ie says:

    How totally awesome. This is an incredible workshop idea, very inspiring.

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