_0DD8519It’s just about March, which means its just about time to for Spring Break Art Camps! Our camps truly are a special experience for kids at the shop. Students 5-8 years old join us every day for a week from 1-4pm in the store. Using a picture book as our jumping off point, we build a series of projects together exploring all kinds of themes. Russell Leng (Artist and Instructor) and Erin Boniferro (Owner and Founder of Collage Collage)have prepared another series of projects that campers will truly enjoy. Paint, draw, sculpt, and make a few new crafty friends with us this March.

Crafternoon Art Camp Registration

Monday – Friday 1-4pm

Session One March 13-17th $240

Session Two March 20-24 $240


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Happy Family Day from Collage Collage.

Drop by the shop and join us for open studio by drawing some portraits of each other or pick up a set of family wooden doll kits and make something great together.


This week are featuring A Family Is A Family Is A Family written by Sara O’leary and illustrated by Qin Leng. A book that reminds us that there are many family dynamics in homes today. Moms and Dads that had kids before they met each other, Moms and Moms, Dads and Dads, Grandmas to Foster Care – all the families are here tucked in the pages of this sweet book. A beautiful way to celebrate families.


We will have this book and some wooden doll kits at the shop and you can join us this week for Drop In Classes where our project will be based on this book.


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One of the most amazing aspects of opening this space for me was the opportunity to introduce families to contemporary art in an approachable and authentic way. This weekend we have a wonderful event celebrating artist Cindy Mochizuki’s recent project with Access Gallery. Join us from 2-4pm this Saturday for a free crafting event, book launch, and a chance to meet Cindy herself. More about the project here;

“When we are bored, the landscape appears barren, empty. But it is precisely this arid space in which the imagination can run wild, and produce whole populations of teeming, whimsical, creaturely life. Things on the Shoreline is a collaborative project initiated by Access Gallery, visual artist Cindy Mochizuki, and the students of Lord Strathcona Elementary School and the Vancouver Japanese Language School. A guest artist at both schools, Cindy led making and storytelling workshops, working closely with grade four and five students. The starting point of these workshops was the visualization of an empty seashore and, working with ink, salt, and words, together they slowly drew out the myriad possibilities that had been waiting to emerge on the blank page. The results of the workshops—a raucous population of whimsical inky creaturely Things and the invented environments in which they live—is the focus of the exhibition at Access Gallery which runs from February 12 – April 16, 2016. This project culminates in the launch of a limited-edition, hard-bound children’s storybook, authored and illustrated by Mochizuki. The launch will be held at Collage Collage on Saturday April 16, 2016 from 2-4 PM and features a reading by the author as well as light refreshment*.”

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We LOVE making Pom Poms around here. This giant one we posted on Instagram got so much love we thought we might show you this video on how to make em’ at home. You can use the cardboard version from the video, or use one of our amazing Pom Pom Makers we have in store. They are SO EASY to use you’ll find that you can make a zillion while watching holiday movies. XL Makers in stock now, restock of small, medium and large ones coming December 17th! pompom making

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Halloween is approaching, and that means costumes need to get made! I’m loving all the D.I.Y ideas I’m seeing around – more on that later; for now I wanted to share a few ideas. I wanted to keep it simple; cost effective and cozy. We made a trip to American Apparel for a selection of basic, colourful hoodies for kids of all sizes. Any hoodie will do, and you can let your own collection at home help inspire you – but here’s what we did with a few craft supplies and a bright blue hoodie.IMG_0001

Cookie Monster! We used black and white pom poms, and some construction paper for cookies. Add some blue pants and you’re Cookie Monster!



A Shark! Using just 2 sheets of craft felt, we cut out a tail and a fin, and some teeth to sew or glue onto our hoodie. Add some googly eyes and you’re set. For the more advanced crafters/sewers you could stuff the tail and fin, but we find this works just great too.


A dinosaur! (Or Dragon! Or Lizard!) Much like the shark, just add eyes, teeth and a bumpy back and tail. You can sew them or glue them – we find Aleenes Tacky Glue is best for gluing fabric to felt.


A BlueBird! Or Blue Jay! We made some Felt wings and added a cute little felt beak, and some feathers to the top of our hoodie. Pretty cute, hey?


A Rainy Day! (or a snowy day, or a Cloudy Day!) We used cardstock to cut out some clouds, and then glued a few pom poms to our hoodie. Perfect for a Vancouver kid, we think.


All the materials used in these crafts are available in store now, EXCEPT for the hoodies! Bring yours in and we can help advise on how to make your costume. Join us for an open studio and make your costume right here the store! More details coming soon!





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