Kallie George

Kallie George is a wonderful writer. We fell in love with her book; Mr. M when the shop first opened, and it acted as an invitation to get to know so much more about Kallie and her work. The scope of the kind of books she writes really speaks to the depths of her imagination. Her books are for those who love to read, and all kinds of readers will find a favorite. Characters are unique for children’s books, and each one takes us on a different journey.


This weekend, we’re thrilled to host an afternoon here at the shop with Kallie to celebrate her NEW CHAPTER BOOK “Clover’s Luck”. This book is the first in a series from the “Magical Animal Adoption Agency”. We’re totally hooked, and think you will be too. We’ve crafted up an art project to share, and Kallie will be around to sign books, say hello and maybe tell you a few things about what’s coming next for the Magical Animals. We’ve also fully stocked our shelves with  ALL of Kallie’s titles, so that you can see what we mean about her truly inspiring range of work.


Here’s a short interview we did with Kallie – we hope it inspires you to come join us for a magical afternoon this weekend!

Saturday, March 7th 2-4pm FREE!

Who are you + what do you do?
I’m an author and editor for Simply Read Books, and I also lead creative writing workshops for aspiring writers. Mostly, I spend my days dreaming and writing and answering questions like how do you polish a unicorn’s horn, or what kind of treat would a dragon like to eat.

What connects you to Collage Collage?
Collage Collage has hosted a few events for different Simply Read Books’ authors and illustrators. Yay! I’ve also had other events at Collage Collage including one for my book The Melancholic Mermaid, illustrated by Abigail Halpin.

Do you have a favorite creative outlet?
I love lots of creative things, including, of course, writing. But other than writing I love knitting and swing dancing.
What’s your all time favorite craft supply?
Beautiful pens to write with. Glitter is pretty awesome too!
Hurrah for glitter! We’ll be sure to have some on hand on Saturday March 7th!

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We are pretty excited about teaming up with Donna and Monica of “Wonder of Learning” for some Reggio Inspired workshops this spring. As a special treat, we’re offering the first workshop FREE! This Wednesday, February 25th from 10-11am or Thursday Feb 26th 1-2pm  kids 2-5 can join in with their parents for a taste of what’s to come this spring. Alternately, you can attend a Drop In Class on Wednesday March 4th 10-11am or Thursday March 5th 1-2pm ($20).

Registration is open for our April Spring Session, commencing April 1st. More information on the classes themselves in the link. See you then!

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Oh boy, it’s our first big sale! We gotta make some room for more classes in the back of the shop so it’s time to clear out the stock room. Search through our supplies, books, and window display props for your art making inspiration. Wonderful for teachers, parents and kids alike! Thursday-Sunday during shop hours. See you then!

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Make something great for Valentines’ Day with these simple craft ideas.


We’ve used our Printmaking Kit to make a series of cards. Kit comes with foam sticker paper + wood flat blocks to create your own stamps. Simply fold up paper to create cards, or cut out heart shapes and stamp up a set for your class!


How about these crayon-valentines? Grab a few sets of sparkle crayons and some construction paper, and make a Valentine for everyone with a sparkly crayon or stickers too! Simply make 2 horizontal cuts to slide the crayon through and create a crayon arrow for your heart shaped Valentines.

FullSizeRender_1 IMG_5216

Lots more ideas in store. Join us for Open Studio and whip up your heart felt sentiments today!

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