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Sticker Mandalas for Everyone!

We’ve always carried Mrs. Grossman stickers around here, so you can imagine how delighted we were to find this cool post on one of our favourite sites. It reminded us of a show we saw at Eugene Choo several years ago when another BC based artist made elaborate mandalas out of dollar store stickers…we’re searching for some images on that one, stay tuned for more details…

In the meantime – we thought we’d try out some sticker mandalas with our Crafternoon Camp kids this week, and holy wow! Did they ever do a great job. Here’s our grown up version followed by the kid-friendly take.

sticker project prep sticker mandala IMG_3477 IMG_3479


For the kiddos, we made templates to follow for an easier approach to sticker placement. You can do this by using a circle shaped or square shaped piece of paper and folding it as you would to cute out a snowflake. You can stop there and just start arranging your stickers along the fold lines and working outwards. OR you can trace your fold lines and work on top with mylar or clear plastic sheets, as we did. This let the kids rearrange stickers as they needed to with their template underneath guiding the way. Older kids can learn about mirror images and matching, while the younger ones just had fun “sticking stickers in a circle around and around and around”.

IMG_3540IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3544


Craig Warkentin’s work at the SHOP!

I’m so excited about sharing this show with you – I’ve known Craig for a long time and we’ve finally got his work in the shop! Come by and celebrate this beautiful show next weekend. Read on for a little more about Craig and his poetic illustrations. Called “Wee Beasties” you’ll find children dressed up and almost morphing into animals and insects; a dress up and make believer’s dream come true.

“These wee beasties are simple creatures rendered in ink and watercolour. Playing dress up is all about imagination, and the minimalist facial features in these drawings are intended to allow the observer to imagine their own story based on the placement of an arm or the tilt of a head, rather than to be told a story through direct expression.”Dragonfly Bat Penguin

Craig Warkentin has previously shown work at the Richmond Art Gallery and the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina. He is thrilled to have his first solo show at Collage Collage!



We’ll be heading down to Granville Island this Saturday to support our friends who organized this most important fund raising event. Hope to see you there!IslandStrong_IG_FINAL

Halloween Hoodie!

Halloween is approaching, and that means costumes need to get made! I’m loving all the D.I.Y ideas I’m seeing around – more on that later; for now I wanted to share a few ideas. I wanted to keep it simple; cost effective and cozy. We made a trip to American Apparel for a selection of basic, colourful hoodies for kids of all sizes. Any hoodie will do, and you can let your own collection at home help inspire you – but here’s what we did with a few craft supplies and a bright blue hoodie.IMG_0001

Cookie Monster! We used black and white pom poms, and some construction paper for cookies. Add some blue pants and you’re Cookie Monster!



A Shark! Using just 2 sheets of craft felt, we cut out a tail and a fin, and some teeth to sew or glue onto our hoodie. Add some googly eyes and you’re set. For the more advanced crafters/sewers you could stuff the tail and fin, but we find this works just great too.


A dinosaur! (Or Dragon! Or Lizard!) Much like the shark, just add eyes, teeth and a bumpy back and tail. You can sew them or glue them – we find Aleenes Tacky Glue is best for gluing fabric to felt.


A BlueBird! Or Blue Jay! We made some Felt wings and added a cute little felt beak, and some feathers to the top of our hoodie. Pretty cute, hey?


A Rainy Day! (or a snowy day, or a Cloudy Day!) We used cardstock to cut out some clouds, and then glued a few pom poms to our hoodie. Perfect for a Vancouver kid, we think.


All the materials used in these crafts are available in store now, EXCEPT for the hoodies! Bring yours in and we can help advise on how to make your costume. Join us for an open studio and make your costume right here the store! More details coming soon!





October Newsletter!

It’s here! Give it a read.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.06.25 PM