A Porcupine In A Pinetree by Helaine Becker  & Werner Zimmermann

I just love this book for Christmastime. It’s a Canadian take on the 12 Days of Christmas and it’s a hoot and a half to read. It’s silly and the illustrations are adorable. I also find that it’s a great gift for families abroad, or for visitors as the Canadianisms go a long way and are good for a laugh. Plus, there’s a Porcupine involved, and who doesn’t love a sweet little porcupine. Copies in the shop and online IMG_4665 now.

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Holiday Gift Guides

Yep! We made some gift guides over on our Pinterest for you to enjoy. We’ll add to em too as a few last minute new things arrive. Go on over to our Pinterest Page to check em out, or browse all our online store offerings here. Keep in mind, our brick and mortar shop stocks MUCH more than what’s on line – so come on by and see us and we’ll help you choose the perfect gift.

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12 Days of Lovely is an Instagram Carol we’re a part of with our friends online. We’ve each been given a day in the 12 Days of Christmas, as we got “6 Geese A Laying”.  Each day on instagram during the ‘carol” we’ll be sharing giveaways and fun little treats. I’ve chosen to share a craft, goose themed of course.

I traced both mine and my son’s hand on a folded piece of brown paper. Trace your hands with thumbs along the fold. Cut out and see a goose with wings! Colour them in, poke a hole at the base of the neck to hang, and honk honk! Geese a flying’ for this 6th day of the carol. I like to sneak a little note inside about who’s hands they are and what year it is. I coloured both in with materials around the house. You can make decorating them as simple or complex as you like.

To go with this craft I highly recommend “A Porcupine In A Pinetree”  – a very Canadian take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Find your copy here! 


papergooseornament FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender-2

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Liz Toohey Weise is one of our favourite people. You’ll remember her as she was Collage Collage’s FIRST ever employee who also happens to be a successful artist. She’s being working on her Master’s at NASCD and we really, really miss her. She misses the coast too, as you might guess from this heartbreakingly amazing work . The good news is, she’s coming home for a visit. The better news is,  she’s teaching a weaving workshop again! December 17th 7-9pm in store. Catch up with Liz’s practise here, and sign up for class here before all the spaces are gone again! Liz_Blanket


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ADVENT CALENDAR It’s not too late! We still have a couple of our amazing Advent Calendars available for you to make at home. Really! It’s okay to start late…Everything you need for the next 22 days. Instead of making a calendar just for chocolates or treats, we also made cut out notes with things to DO instead. Call Grandma! Bake Cookies! Write a letter to Santa! Lots of fun ideas that get us in the spirit of sharing this holiday. Let the countdown begin!AdventCalendarCollageCollage

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