If you fell in love with Clover and the Magical Animal Adoption Agency then you are probably following along on her newest adventure in The Missing Magic.

Kallie George has written another wonderful addition to The Magical Animal Adoption Agency. If you haven’t read Clover’s luck, and The Enchanted Egg you can still jump right in with The Missing Magic. This series is a great book for adventurers, animal lovers and did I mention it has magic? Filled with beautiful illustrations by Alexandra Bioger, a truly magical book for young readers transitioning into chapter books.

The Missing Magic was our pick for this months book club and we are very excited to have Kallie joining us at the shop this Saturday the 22nd. Come meet Kallie and create a magical mask with us from 12 -2 pm.




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Some artists have an incredible way of capturing the essence of childhood, I find this is especially endearing in children’s books. The way a child stands, or the excitement and delight in play, Cale Atkinson is one of those artists.

The first time I picked up a copy of To The Sea, I was hooked. The dark colours set the tone for a moody picture book, a hint of sadness, yet offset with beautiful bright orange. Set in a rainy city by the sea, here in Vancouver we know a lot about rain. A little boy named Tim befriends a whale who is lost and struggling to be seen. Tim can relate to Sam, the whale, and together they devise a plan to get Sam back to the sea.


Cale’s recent book, Explorers In The Wild, captures a different look. A book about an unforeseen friendship between a boy and a bear. This time his book is set in bright lush forest. Sound familiar?


Cale grew up running through some of the same forests you may have gotten out and explored. You will fall in love with the beauty and familiarity of his books, the playfulness in his characters and the way he helps children navigate feelings of being misunderstood, sadness, wonder and friendship.

You can come out and meet him in person this Saturday June 25th from 12- 2 p.m.
Hear him read Explorers Of The Wild, and make a craft.


You can also see Cale’s other work here , including another of our favourites, If I had a Gryphon.


Also, if you love a good end page, Cale has some of the best.




See you Saturday!



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We’re finally blogging again friends! Kicking things off around here with a little help from our friend Kellie of “The Kaleidoscope“. I met Kellie as a client at the shop years ago and totally fell for her sweet accent and her incredible talents as a maker (remember these dolls?) Kellie has moved on from her dolls, she’s a mother to 4 truly amazing boys, AND she is killing it on Instagram with her book picks, which I can proudly say are a lot of the same titles I’ve also been drawn to for the store. Needless to say, we’re book loving kindred spirits, and she’ll be guest posting here from time to time, because she’s awesome and I love the way that she presents not just beautiful books, but quality writing that she tests on her family and tutoring students. On wards now to our first Kellie approved pick (Also, it’s this week’s Drop In Books!). Read on in Kellie’s own words here.

“And with that, Earnest D. dove…down between the fishes and the frogs, past the squid and the shapeless things”
Ernest D. is a brave little explorer, after gathering his exploring supplies, and stretching three times, he dives into the pond by his house. Follow him as discovers all things unimaginable.
@josephkuefler debut book is a perfect way to inspire little explorers. As we head toward warmer weather, it’s time to get out and find our own unimaginable adventures, and the city is full of them.




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