Here’s to the Dads today. We hope that you’re enjoying the hats, ties, pennants and cards we’ve made you. They’re just a small token of how much we love you. Here’s to the Dads who lift us up, who drive us to be our best, who set the standard high, who inspire change, who love with their whole hearts, who make us who we are. I’m looking at you, Cino – and thankful for that guy in the picture there, who lifts us all up, builds us shelter, and keeps us safe and loved each and every day.

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In honor of today, I wanted to share my friend Lauren’s beautiful film about her Dad. Lauren is a talented film maker and blogger, and when she makes things about her family, its just the best stuff around. Go ahead, give it a look – and then call dad! He should be back from golf by now.



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One of the most amazing aspects of opening this space for me was the opportunity to introduce families to contemporary art in an approachable and authentic way. This weekend we have a wonderful event celebrating artist Cindy Mochizuki’s recent project with Access Gallery. Join us from 2-4pm this Saturday for a free crafting event, book launch, and a chance to meet Cindy herself. More about the project here;

“When we are bored, the landscape appears barren, empty. But it is precisely this arid space in which the imagination can run wild, and produce whole populations of teeming, whimsical, creaturely life. Things on the Shoreline is a collaborative project initiated by Access Gallery, visual artist Cindy Mochizuki, and the students of Lord Strathcona Elementary School and the Vancouver Japanese Language School. A guest artist at both schools, Cindy led making and storytelling workshops, working closely with grade four and five students. The starting point of these workshops was the visualization of an empty seashore and, working with ink, salt, and words, together they slowly drew out the myriad possibilities that had been waiting to emerge on the blank page. The results of the workshops—a raucous population of whimsical inky creaturely Things and the invented environments in which they live—is the focus of the exhibition at Access Gallery which runs from February 12 – April 16, 2016. This project culminates in the launch of a limited-edition, hard-bound children’s storybook, authored and illustrated by Mochizuki. The launch will be held at Collage Collage on Saturday April 16, 2016 from 2-4 PM and features a reading by the author as well as light refreshment*.”

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We are so excited to begin our brand NEW session of interactive and exploratory music classes with Little Mountain Music Club this week! We’ve added two new weekend classes that are perfect for families with mulit-age siblings and of course another babies class (especially geared towards the littlest of music makers).  This session we’ll be jamming with drums, egg shakers, parachutes, and more! Check out to register on line for this 6 week session.


9:00-9:45 | Ages 0-2

10:00-10:45 | Ages 0-5


9:15-10:00 | Ages 0-2

10:00-10:45 | Ages 2-4

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We’re finally blogging again friends! Kicking things off around here with a little help from our friend Kellie of “The Kaleidoscope“. I met Kellie as a client at the shop years ago and totally fell for her sweet accent and her incredible talents as a maker (remember these dolls?) Kellie has moved on from her dolls, she’s a mother to 4 truly amazing boys, AND she is killing it on Instagram with her book picks, which I can proudly say are a lot of the same titles I’ve also been drawn to for the store. Needless to say, we’re book loving kindred spirits, and she’ll be guest posting here from time to time, because she’s awesome and I love the way that she presents not just beautiful books, but quality writing that she tests on her family and tutoring students. On wards now to our first Kellie approved pick (Also, it’s this week’s Drop In Books!). Read on in Kellie’s own words here.

“And with that, Earnest D. dove…down between the fishes and the frogs, past the squid and the shapeless things”
Ernest D. is a brave little explorer, after gathering his exploring supplies, and stretching three times, he dives into the pond by his house. Follow him as discovers all things unimaginable.
@josephkuefler debut book is a perfect way to inspire little explorers. As we head toward warmer weather, it’s time to get out and find our own unimaginable adventures, and the city is full of them.




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