Collage Collage is a place that strives to uphold the tremendous creative abilities that children have, in surroundings that adults find equally stimulating, provoking and above all, inspiring.

Collage Collage Moves To Main St.

Collage Collage opened six years ago on what was once a rather lonely street in East Van. After 6 wonderful years at our first location on Kingsway, we’ve moved to bustling Main St. We couldn’t be happier with our new digs, allowing us to expand into a second class room, develop products, and increase programming for kids and grown ups alike.

Collage Collage was Erin Boniferro’s long running idea to create as space for everyone to get creative in. After working in galleries, museums and artist run centres, Erin wanted to create a space that could always be about making something great. Collage Collage is a workshop, store, and studio that does just that. Children, adults and everyone in between will find an invitation to get creative at Collage Collage through a growing collection of art materials, books, and workshops.

We’re pretty excited about our growing collection of books and art supplies, and we’re thrilled that most of those selections are now available through our online store. Now you can enjoy Collage Collage wherever you are in the world. With the redesign of our website and relaunch of our blog “Make Something Great” we’re looking forward to having much more to share with everyone for a long time to come.

Erin Boniferro

Erin Boniferro

Erin is the owner, head instructor, buyer, and paint brush cleaner of Collage Collage.  She is a practicing artist with 16 years of teaching experience that started at summer camp in Ontario and lead her to arts organizations all over Vancouver. She earned a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2002.

Erin Guimond

Erin Guimond is a Vancouver based sculptor, animator and fibre artist with a BFA from Emily Carr University.  Erin has over 7 years of teaching experience with children & believes that everything is enhanced with a little bit glitter!

Russell Leng

Russell Leng is a Vancouver based artist with a practice that focuses mostly on painting. In 2013 he completed a MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from The University of Edinburgh, and has shown his work widely, His time is often spent thinking about cabins, neon lights, and the feeling he gets while hearing the ocean before seeing it.

Ally McLeod

Alexine McLeod’s art practice operates in and between painting, sculpture, collage, assemblage and installation. She joined Collage Collage 3 years ago and teaches Collage Club + hosts amazing parties here at the shop and really loves reflective or transparent materials.