I just wanted to thank the fine folks at ‘Been There Wiped That” for their lovely article about Collage Collage. Birthday parties here are one of my favorite things, and it’s always a delight to hear back from families and their experiences here.

Thanks Been There!

Thanks Una!

and thanks to Aja for hosting a wonderful party.

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Oh, this is going to be good!

I’ve teamed up with the talented folks at Banquet Atelier and Workshop to bring a new collection of kits to the shop.

They’re really, really wonderful – offering the option of making a mobile full of beautiful wooden creatures, a colourful snake to keep the cold air from coming in under the door, and the most amazing shadow puppets I’ve ever seen. I’m so delighted to have these kits come to the store as they offer a whole new set of projects for everyone to do; the designs by Banquet are bound to inspire!

Come and see us for a launch of the kits this Saturday October 23rd from 3-5pm here at the shop.

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This Thursday, October 14th a show of ROBOTS will open at the shop.
These beautiful handmade wooden robots are one of a kind creations made by Dean Long, Henry Long and Paul Morstad. I’ve seen a few of them and they’re simply amazing. Come see!

Robot Parade opens Thursday October 14th from 7-9pm and runs to November 8th.

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